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Moving Up a Number January 25, 2010

Posted by jrusse4 in MCOM 257.

Hello and allow me to reintroduce myself. I am Jordan Russell, an aspiring broadcast journalist in my fourth semester at Towson University. Last semester I took MCOM 257 which was New Media I. I passed the class with an A so I was able to move on to MCOM 258 which is New Media II. I enjoyed learning about audio, blogging, and uploading youtube videos (which I thought I would never do). I look forward to all the new things I will learn to do in MCOM 258.

I also plan to have a beat that is within the diversity field at Towson University. For a little while I had been writing for the Black Student Union newsletter about different things either in or out of diversity. So I believe there are many stories within that category. If I don’t do that, I may continue to focus on the upgrades Towson has continued on campus. Last semester I did a story on the said subject, but I would expand on the topic in multiple ways.

Hopefully I’ll be back to writing random stories on my blog and learn even more things to update the site with. Enjoy my WordPress account.



1. Professor Atwater - February 7, 2010

Hi Jordan,
Make sure you write a post introducing the beat that you decided on.

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