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Meaning of fall November 10, 2010

Posted by jrusse4 in MCOM 356.

by Jordan Russell

Fall has come upon us once again but it isn’t about just liking or disliking the new season.



1. andrewconstant - December 8, 2010

Like most of the slideshows that I have seen so far, this is one that is a model of great photographing and hard work. I like the fact that you changed the camera angle a few times and tried to get numerous shots of similar areas around campus. This slideshow reminds me of why I love this school so much!

2. brittanysbeat - December 8, 2010

I like that you used a lot of pictures on the ground for this slideshow, I didn’t even think to focus more on that. I also think that you had a couple of pictures that had great lighting and it was a good mixture of picture use.

3. shelynne - December 8, 2010

I liked your audio and the last picture of the slideshow. However, I am guessing that photography is not your forte? It’s alright, your effort is what counts.

4. robfetner - December 8, 2010

I appreciate the fact that many of your pictures aren’t huge landscape shots and that you chose to focus on things that many people don’t take the time to look at, like leaves brushed next to the curb. You first picture looks like it would be a photo you’d see on a brochure for Towson University though, because all the colors are really vivid and it’s a diferent take on Stevenson Hall.

5. Nathalie Diadhiou - December 8, 2010

Your pictures are very clear. It was a good idea to ask another student about how they feel about the fall season. I like that you told the story through the eyes of the arts editor of the Towerlight. I will look for that article about preparing for the fall season in the Towerlight. Good job Jordan!

6. Sarah Massuda - December 8, 2010

The photos were really well done; they were very vivid and attention-grabbing.

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