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Ask a Pro: Tyler Waldman [Towson Patch] February 19, 2011

Posted by jrusse4 in MCOM 341.

In this age of  backpack journalism, college students have a lot to learn before they get thrown into the fray of a never stopping media market. Learning in class from teachers and textbooks are one thing, but sometimes hearing advice from those currently working full-time in the profession helps too.

Tyler Waldman, a Towson Patch reporter, said the best tool for journalist today isn’t any of the new equipment available. So those who were going to pat their i-Pads on the back can put them back down on the table.

“[The best tools are] the same tools that journalist needed 20 years ago, a good head on your shoulders. Your best tool is a good B.S. detector,” Waldman said. “You can shoot video while balancing a recorder on one foot, one hand posting everything online and using your big toe to work a pen on your note pad but that will only get you so far. [New media tools are] nice and helpful, but new media tools, I think, don’t matter as much than what you do with them.”

Waldman has a few favorites when it comes to using new media and uses them to the best of his ability.

“At Patch they issue us digital cameras. I don’t use the one they gave me much because I have an SLR Nikon D3100 that also shoots video in high definition. My i-Phone has been really helpful because you can use it as a recorder,” Waldman said.

After primary elections, Waldman was able to use those skills with his tools to crack a story.

“I was down at the farmers market down in Baltimore because that’s just how I role. And [I saw] the guy who lost the race,  Joe Bardenfelder. I was walking by and I saw a bumper sticker on his farm truck for Ken Holt, the republican challenger, so I snapped a picture of that with my Blackberry.”

Waldman said he was able to interview Bardenfelder about the bumper sticker, go to his editor and scoop everyone in town on that story.



1. danieljgross - February 19, 2011

Very interesting post. I enjoyed learning about the background story about Bartenfelder.

2. Thom Lieb - March 5, 2011

Nice post, Jordan. I see you missed last week, however. Make sure you keep up with them!

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