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Better to use: Pencil or tech? March 6, 2011

Posted by jrusse4 in MCOM 341.

I read an article about the usage between a notepad or a recorder and which of the two is considered better. In my opinion, I prefer a recorder. While a notepad will never fail you with technical difficulties, it takes a while to get used to writing fast and it presents opportunities to misquote someone. A recorder will pick up every word the source says and it saves your hand the trouble. A note pad is useful in certain situations, especially on deadline days. I’ve used one on occasion. But if you have a source that likes to trail off, it becomes increasingly difficult to catch good quotes. I would suggest new journalist to start with a recorder and practice using a notepad on smaller stories to get better at it. I prefer to use a Sony brand recorder, but there are many other brands out there.

Photo by Jordan Russell



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