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Cheap Way to “Academically” Procrastinate (Vid Games)

Whether you’re in High school or College, there’s one thing everyone must admit they’ve done before: procrastinate. Is procrastinating bad? Maybe not, but it is unfavorable. Being diligent is the key to success.

And now that I’ve made this fact clear, on to more pressing matters.

If you’re going to procrastinate, you might as well do it with some entertainment. For those who like video games and want some cheap buys, I have some suggestions you might like.

Time Hollow is a mystery adventure game for the Nintendo DS that puts you in the world of Ethan Kairos. You, Ethan, are put in a strange situation where you are a “Master of Time” (or so I think). The story starts with Ethan living a nice normal life. Then the next day everything changes and Ethan’s on an adventure to not only save his parents but also save his friends, who kick the bucket so much you’ll say “Again?!”

The lower screen on the DS will be used to open up portal holes with your main weapon, the Hollow Pen. With this, you can tinker with past situations to change the present. You can do something heroic like save a dog from a burning tree house, or do something as menial as take a girl’s glasses so she can’t see (you mean person).

Overall, the game is short and getting a Game Over is nearly impossible. Academically, this game will test your brain at some points and at others the answers are painfully obvious (i.e. Ethan says “this looks like the spot”).
This game can be found for the low price of $14.15 on Amazon. It’s definitely worth the buy.

Next, I must suggest Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon. Have I ever played the game, no. But, I have played every other Fire Emblem game that has been released in America. You play one of them, you’ve played them all.

Even if I knew the story line, I wouldn’t explain it, because that’s what separates this Fire Emblem from all the others. I do know you follow the main character Marth, who has made cameo appearances in the Super Smash Brothers series. Basically, his kingdom gets trashed and you venture around to make an army to regain it.

The game is a turn based strategy game that actually makes you think about every single move you make. This is due to the basic rule of Fire Emblem: Once a character is defeated they are gone forever.

Why should you care if a character is gone forever? The story telling will make you care. Fire Emblem stories make you feel attached to your characters more than most turn based strategies(in my opinion). And if it isn’t the character’s backgrounds that draw you in, it’s their abilities on the battlefield that you don’t want to lose. Either way, you’ll press the reset button here and there to save your characters from the dark abyss of the deleted bin.

This game can be found on Amazon for the low price of $10.99. There are also other Fire Emblem games that you can search for around the same price range if the suave prince, Marth, doesn’t catch your fancy.

These are great additions to your game inventory and pretty cheap as well. I don’t condone or promote procrastination. But if you happen to find yourself giving in to the temptation of stalling (as I still do), find ways to work your brain while entertaining yourself.

And for those who don’t own a Nintendo DS, worry not. I shall do my homework and find some of these “academic” excuses to procrastinate for other systems as well. Until the next time procrastinators.



1. D Brightmon - October 1, 2009

Interesting topic! Kinda makes you think. “Creative Procrastination”, good stuff! I can’t wait for the next one.

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