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Diversity at Towson University

Towson University is becoming more proactive in promoting diversity around the campus. Plans both big and small were put into action to draw the student community together so they may learn more about the Center of Student Diversity(CSD).

The largest of the said plans named TU 4 Haiti. On February 25, the university held a fundraiser named where all the funds collected would be sent to Haiti’s relief effort. The event consisted of live music performances, poetry readings, food, and more to bring the students of Towson together towards a common goal.

The CSD has worked to develop a project that they hope will create a bridge between the cultures at the university.

“We’re going to include all the cultural groups associated with CSD,” said Ashlee Philyaw, director of publications for the Black Student Union. “We’ve definitely gotten the okay from BSU, ADC. We want everyone to get involved.”

An event known as Bridging the Gap was also held late in the semester by different organizations such as the BSU to help bring unity between the different CSD cultural groups.

Students from Towson University sit together to learn from each other (Photo by Jordan Russell/Towson University Student)

Students were made to open up to those who they wouldn’t normally talk to about their opinions, beliefs, and future goals. By the end of the event, many left with a deeper understanding of the word diversity and others ideals.

The results of the university’s attempts became evident after the death of Coleatha Wilson, sophomore and active member in the CSD.

Students came together to make preparations to go to her viewing and funeral. Honorary services and moments of silence were held as well.

These students actions are just a small example of what the CSD aspires for the student body.

Raft Woodus, the director of student success programs in the CSD, believes that students are who make the university what it is.

“If it wasn’t for you, there’s no reason for the institution to be here,” Woodus said. “You all (students) are the most precious thing about the institution.”



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