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Enrique’s Journey makes a stop at Towson University

Riding on top of trains, avoiding corrupt immigration police, and attacks by gangs are only a few of the events that a young boys must face in Sonia Nazario’s book, Enrique’s Journey.

Nazario will be holding a presentation about her book that will be held at 7 p.m. in Towson University’s Chesapeake Room Wednesday, November 18, Towson University’s foreign languages day.

Nazario has won numerous national journalism awards and her stories have involved difficult issues such as hunger, drug addiction, and immigration. For 20 years she has reported and wrote about social issues such as these.

Her book is a story about a young boy, Enrique, whose mother leaves him to take a journey to America so she can send money back to feed her son and pay for his education. After eleven years apart from each other, Enrique decides he wants to make the journey from Honduras to America to reunite with his mother.

“The trip up here is grueling,” said Lea Ramsdell, an associate professor for Towson University’s Foreign Languages department. “Sonia (Nazario) did the same thing. She rode the train.”

Nazario retraced Enrique’s path and experienced firsthand how difficult his trip from Hondoraus to America was.

“It’s extremely dangerous to travel,” Ramsdell said. “It took him (Enrique) nine tries to actually make it.”

Ramsdell said that in spite of the economic benefits of working in the United States, Nazario the author said that there is often a poor outcome for families and a great majority of women get raped during the trip.

“It’s a phenomenon now,” Ramsdell said.  “There’s a whole generation of kids in these countries who have been left behind and separated from their mothers. It’s a problem with some very dire consequences.”

At the presentation, Nazario will speak about major issues in her book, her talks with Enrique about his travels, and what could be a solution for situations like Enrique’s.

Student and faculty members that have gone through similar situations will also speak at the presentation to share their personal experiences.

The event will begin with about an hour long presentation from Nazario, followed by some questions and answers interaction with the audience, and end with a book signing. Both English and Spanish versions of the book will be available for the book signing.

So come and learn about the experience of this “twenty-first century odyssey” about a boy’s dangerous journey to reunite with his mother.



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