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Frozen Legend Mistreated

Warning: This article may disturb some people and involves a baseball player that has passed.

Disclaimer: Any and all information I obtained in this article came from the stories below and infoplease.com

I have to say, it’s amazing how people can hear things even in their sleep. Just today I happened to be watching ESPN while I fell asleep. I woke up having Ted Williams on the brain, which was odd in itself. I then decided to look up the said baseball legend and found these little stories.

Story according to Yahoo.com

Story according to ESPN

Story according to CBS News

Ted Williams was born August 30, 1918 in San Diego. He was a great player that hit over the batting average of .400, which is unheard of in baseball today. He played for the Boston Red Soxs and even interrupted his baseball career to serve in the U.S Navy. In 1966 he was inducted into the baseball Hall of Fame.

Williams passed July 2002 due to multiple heart issues and strokes at the age of 83.  He will always be known as one of baseball’s greatest legends.

Recently, a new written piece came to light named “Frozen” that allegedly claims workers at Arizona Cryogenics facility had abused the frozen head of Williams. The story states pictures were taken and even a monkey wrench was used to hit the frozen head.

The head and body are reported to have been preserved separately and multiple damages to the head, which may be a result from experiments or procedures with it.

I’ve never thought about giving my body to science at all. Now that I’ve heard this story, I might have nightmares of being kept in a tuna can. I doubt the story is over. The media will probably continue to look into this matter that involves one of baseball’s greatest players.



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