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Musings of Public Relations

Below these few statements will be the actual article that I had to write for my MCOM 253 class. It involves a bit of information pertaining to the PR status of the United States and China. If you are interested in some stats from foreign countries, check out this link.


For those who don’t know what Public Relations is, I’ll try to explain it the best I can.

According to About.com, a manager is “the person responsible for planning and directing the work of a group of individuals, monitoring their work, and taking corrective action when necessary”.

PR practitioners are responsible for the relationship between their clients and the public. A PR person may have to plan events, direct the client towards the best course of action to take, monitoring the public by doing both form and informal research, and fixing any road bumps for the client. PR has another definition that virtually spells out it’s a managing position. Its alternate definition is reputation management.

A PR practitioner has to think of ways to keep the public happy along with the company. To do so, that practitioner must carefully find ways that will appease both sides. Should one side be unhappy, then the practitioner has failed his job.

This strategic part of the job involves social responsibility, being a problem solver, and a problem preventer. PR doesn’t make a clients image. It can only start with “reality and seek to match the image to the truth.”

So when you think of a Public Relations professional think…

1) A go-between for their clients and the public
2) A management position
3) Strategy is an important part of the profession

And now for those who are interested and not bored to death, here’s the article for my MCOM 253 class.


I gained an increased insight on the public relations world from this module of assignment. I learned the most about China, Japan, and their PR situations. The United States and China are similar in PR status. Both are high in the world rankings within the communication fields. For example, China is on top of the world rankings in ground lines, cell phones, and internet users while the U.S. ranks in at least the top five and trumps China by being number one in the number of internet host worldwide.

I learned about PR and its functions. Before I took this course, I had a slight confusion issue with the three branches of mass communications. I thought public relations only dealt with keeping the peace between corporations and the people. Yes, that is one of the purposes of Public Relations people, but they have many other responsibilities as well. Whether it is advertising, problem solving, or multi-faceted responsibilities, PR professionals have a lot on their plates.

Lastly, I learned about the development of PR through the years. Throughout history, PR’s definition had changed based on the time period. In the earlier years such as the 1960s and 70s, PR had begun to rise due to crisis situations and business organizations. The internet and globalization began to make a major impact on PR as time continued towards our present era.

Having a range of diverse knowledge is important for any major, especially mine: journalism. I have to be knowledgeable enough to be deemed competent in multiple aspects. Having a little knowledge in multiple subjects could help me with future endeavors. The one interesting fact that sticks in my mind pertains to China. Most expect it to be a male dominated country, which it is based on the business world. But, women actually play a large role in the PR system for China.

The toughest issue for these set of assignments had to be the research involved in completing the assignment. A future note: Google isn’t the most reliable source when looking for information for PR firms in China. I had to dig pretty deep to find any information about China’s PR situation. Not to say that I didn’t enjoy the sigh of relief once I finally found the information.

Working with Anna could be easily described as fluid. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner. We both do our fair share of work and are devoted to doing the best with each assignment. I’m always a bit skeptical when I have to do team or group work due to the possibility of having a lazy partner, but I’m proud to say I have Anna as my partner.

The only personal trouble I’ve had with assignments has already been mentioned above. Completing up to five assignments a week is challenging, but that’s life, right? I hope to do best that I can and gain any valuable knowledge that can assist me in my journey to become a journalist.



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