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Newsletter in the Works to Help Diversity at Towson

Ideas for a project that involves multiple groups associated with Towson University’s Center of Student Diversity are in their beginning stages.

A newsletter for the CSD was brain stormed by Ashlee Philyaw, director of publications for the Black Student Union. The idea came to thought when Philyaw and her editor & chief decided that the BSU newsletter was unnecessary. As a result they came up with the possibility of bridging cultural gaps.

“We’re going to include all the cultural groups associated with CSD,” said Philyaw. “We’ve definitely gotten the okay from BSU, ADC. We want everyone to get involved.”

The Towerlight is a potential element in this project that could make could make it known campus wide as opposed to just by CSD group members. Philyaw hopes to have a copies of the newsletter in every other Towerlight that is released.

“I will be looking into that soon to try and get it printed so people throughout the TU community can get a taste of cultural groups on campus,” said Philyaw.

It’s not clear what the exact format of the newsletter will be, but it will be based on what the involved groups want collectively. It is certain that a majority of the articles will be about the different organizations and different countries around the world organizations identify with.

The possibility of the newsletter appearing before the end of this semester is unlikely.

“We’re working on things to go along with the newsletter,” said Philyaw. “So if we can get it together at least having conversations about it now, probably next semester.”



1. Professor Atwater - February 28, 2010

Is the Towerlight staff open to this?

jrusse4 - March 1, 2010

When I spoke to Ashlee, she said that the plan is to have the newsletter come out with the towerlight but only occasionally. So I assume they’ll ask to have meetings with the Towerlight staff about this.

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