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Sudden Tragedy Hits Towson University

Coleatha Wilson, a sophomore at Towson University, died on March 4, 2010. Morgan Mosley, a student who had seen Coleatha before her death says it took him by surprise.

“You know, I had seen her two days before her death at the BSU (Black Student Union) meeting, so it was kind of just shocking she had died that quickly. I was sitting in the library that Friday and I read about her death on Facebook and it just kind of hit me in the gut.”

Coleatha was walking near Richmond Hall when she had seizure like symptoms and passed out. She was taken to St. Joseph’s Medical Center where she died some hours later due to undisclosed health issues and a seizure.

She was a member with the Black Student Union and Students Achieve Goals through Education program or better known as SAGE.

Raft Woodus, the head of the SAGE program, had talked to Coleatha a few days before her death. She had come to him so she could become a SAGE mentor for next year. He says Coleatha had multiple traits that Towson will miss.

“She was a kind, open, welcoming, giving human being. What I feel some loss is her not being here in the present, in the physical human form because she was a positive person.”

A small collage of photos of Coleatha Wilson (photos courtesy of her memorial page on Facebook)

March 11 was the date of Coleatha’s viewing and her funeral was held the following day. A bus was reserved on that day for students who wanted to go to Friday’s service. Adam Jackson, president of the Brotherhood, and Ignacio Evans, treasurer of the BSU, were only two of many who went to honor Coleatha.

During the week of her funeral, Coleatha was remembered in forums made for students to talk about their memories of her. She left her mark on the hearts of many at Towson University.



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