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Towson University: Swine Blockers

The H1N1 Swine Flu shot will be offered at Towson University on a soon but yet to be released date.

The past month or two, the swine flu has been one of the main focuses in America. Each time someone coughs or sneezes, the thought of that person having the swine flu floats in the back of at least some people’s minds.

Worry not. Towson University is reacting to the situation in a prompt manor.

“We were just advised by the health department to put our order in and we’re about to put our order in,” said Jane Halpern, Director of Health Services for the Dowell Health Center. “My guess is it will be coming toward the later part of October.”

According to Halpern, small increments of vaccine will be distributed at the time. The health center will request for a large dosage but probably won’t get it all the vaccine initially.

“What we hoped to do, if we get enough at once, we’ll hold a big vaccine clinic over in the union like we did with the seasonal flu,” Halpern said. “And we’ll also probably make it available here at the health center.”

To find out future updates about the vaccination shot check the Towson Daily Digest. And for those who won’t check the digest, there should be posters all around campus.

Here is some basic information for those who want to know more about the swine flu:

What is Swine Flu?



And for those who are worried about shots, ask your doctor or go to a Giant near you where I know they will administer the H1N1 shot in select locations, if not all. Happy and healthy flu season!



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