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Towson’s CSD Voices Closing the Gap

On April 21, student organizations within Towson Universities Center for Student Diversity (CSD) came together to create an event known as Bridging the Gap.

It was a joint effort by the Black Student Union (BSU), PG Connections, African Dispora Club, Caribbean Student Association and a few others.

The purpose of the event was to bring together the different organizations of the CSD to talk about different issues within the Towson community and within society itself.

Deverick Murray leads members from different CSD organizations in an exercise made to help students realize the common ties between the groups. (Photo by Jordan Russell/Towson University Student)

Last semester diversity awareness at Towson University became a point of emphasis due to the writing of racial slurs on whiteboards inside the dormitory towers.  An article named TU’s Diversity a Joke was written and caught the attention of both students and faculty.

Calvin Little, a member of the BSU, thought the event was meaningful concerning that.

“It was a very much needed talk,” Little said. “It really opened my eyes. I personally feel closer to whoever was here. They (speakers) actually talked about ways to bridge the gap.”

Joan Maze, the director of African American student development, attended the event and spoke on behalf of the CSD about reaching out. She said the biggest issue when she arrived at Towson was being unable to reach out to all the students she was responsible for.

“People thought, oh she’s just the advisor of BSU, so she doesn’t deal with anything else,” Maze said. “But as I began to know and make relationships with people, I made connections with all different types of students.”

The main speaker of the event was Deverick Murray, the president of the BSU. He led the members of the organizations in the discussions with each other and spoke a slight personal testimony as well.

“The one thing I have failed at is bridging the gap,” Murray said. “And if I can stress that anything is important it would be that the people who have heard this today dedicate themselves to making this gap smaller.

Murray said that this meeting would be one of his last and left the members of the student organizations with strong words to remember.

“It is up to us whether we leave this room and leave everything that we did in this room today.” Murray said. “But I challenge everyone here to make this (bridging the gap) a part of your regimen.”



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