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Logging in your Blogs March 27, 2011

Posted by jrusse4 in MCOM 341, Towson University.
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Just about every beginner journalism class has you set up a blog. Most professors will start you off with WordPress, but there are many other blogging sites available to you. You can find a few by searching on Google. The importance of a blog for beginner journalist is it’s capability to become a portfolio for everything you’re going to do in your class and something that can be used for future classes as well. And once you’re done using it for that purpose, it can become an online resume when you apply for jobs. A lot of the work in the journalistic field is becoming digitized and a blog would be the place to showcase your best work.

To get you started, here are some ideas for making your blog post.


Audio Editing for beginners March 19, 2011

Posted by jrusse4 in MCOM 341, Towson University.
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If you’re just beginning to take mass communication classes, you’re eventually going to run into audio editing to make a slide show. This may sound intimidating first if you only use the computer for Facebook or Twitter access and in some cases it is. For most who are just starting, I would recommend using Windows Movie Maker to do this. In my Writing for Journalism II class, I had a project that wouldn’t work on Final Cut Pro for whatever reason. But my Windows Movie Maker saved the day with its simplicity and its user friendly software. If you’re a Mac user, I’m sure they have a user friendly program too, but for PC’s, which are mostly what you find in computer labs, Windows Movie Maker is the way to go.